Nominated – UCEM Sloan Scholar

This summer I was nominated by The Pennsylvania State University’s Office of Graduate Educational Equity Programs and Eberly College of Science to apply to become a 2017-2018 University Center for Exemplary Mentoring (UCEM) Scholar.

If chosen as a finalist, this recognition comes with an monetary award and is in addition to the support I currently receive from the University.  These funds would be maintained for use on personal expenses and professional development activities to accelerate success in graduate school.

No idea when I’ll hear back, but this was great news! Update to come.

Manuscript Submitted and on arXiv

My first ever statistics paper has now been submitted to JABES and has been posted as a pre-print on arXiv. This manuscript represents two years of hard work, lots of growth as a statistician, and an amazing collaboration. This work has been presented in several forms at the Joint Statistical Meetings and will be presented Summer 2018 at the International Statistical Ecology conference in St. Andrews, Scotland.