Sweet Tea, Science

Along with my friend and college, Rachel Wigginton, I founded and blog for Sweet Tea, Science. We both previously maintained our own person blogs. Always A Scientist was started March 2012 when I was applying to participate in a simulated Mars Mission and continued on from there. Rachel’s personal blog, Practical Ecologist, started in November 2012, although she often contributed to posts on the Always A Scientist blog prior to that. In November of 2013, Rachel approached me with the idea of joining forces and co-blogging under a new name. The name, Sweet Tea, Science, was chosen after much deliberation. It reflects our southern roots and shared love for alliteration (however slight!). We are currently working on writing longer blog posts and hope to inspire others to write guest posts to be published on our blog. You may also find us on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. We post nearly daily on our Tumblr blog where we enjoy interacting with other young scientists and STEM enthusiasts.

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