Tips for TAs



Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (CAUSE) – The resources tab provides lots of useful materials sorted by topic, such as applets, cartoons, powerpoint slides, tutorials, data, suggested interactive activities, and more. (Now hosted by Penn State!)


ASA’s Collection of Useful Links – Useful links for undergraduate teachers of statistics. Clicking on “Useful Web Sites for Teachers” will bring up many more useful links.



Data and Story Library (DASL) – Lots of real data, searchable by real-world topic or statistical method.


StatLib – Datasets Archive – One of the original sources for archived data

Robin Lock’s Website – Links to other data sources

 Journal of Statistics Education Data Archive – More data, although not sorted by statistical topic so a bit harder to find appropriate data.


Chance News Wiki – Reviews current stories in the news that involve probability or statistical concepts.

Chance Magazine’s “Taking a Chance in the Classroom” – Datasets and corresponding papers with suggestions for use in the classroom. ASA member login required.




Lock5 Statkey – Sampling distributions, bootstrapping, randomization tests, theoretical distribution “tables” – Lots of applets, all searchable by statistical topic.


Rossman and Chance Applets – Website for applets, many of which coincide with interactive activities.

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