Meridith L Bartley


ML Bartley CV (updated June 2018)

Google Scholar Profile (updated automatically)

ResearchGate Profile (updated automatically)


Publication List (updated June 2018)

4. ML Bartley, EM Hanks, and DP Hughes. Submitted. A Bayesian Penalized Hidden Markov Model for Ant Interactions. Environmetrics. [pre-print]

3. ML Bartley, WJ Boeing, D Daniel, BN Dungan, T Schaub. 2016. Optimization of environmental parameters for Nannochloropsis salina growth and lipid accumulation using the Response Surface Method and effects on invading organisms. Journal of Applied Phycology. [link][PDF]

2. ML Bartley, WJ Boeing, FO Holguin, T Schaub. 2013. pH effects on growth and lipid accumulation of the biofuel microalgae Nannochloropsis salina and invading organisms. Journal of Applied Phycology. [link]

1. ML Bartley, WJ Boeing, AA Corcoran, FO Holguin, T Schaub. 2013 Effects of salinity on growth and lipid accumulation of biofuel microalga Nannochloropsis salina and invading organisms. Biomass and Bioenergy. [link] [PDF]


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