Meridith L Bartley


ML Bartley CV (updated September 2016)

Google Scholar Profile (updated automatically)

ResearchGate Profile (updated automatically)


Publication List (updated April 2014)

4. ML Bartley, AJ Meier, and SR Borrett. In prep. Where do they go when they die?

3. ML Bartley, WJ Boeing, D Daniel, BN Dungan, T Schaub. Submitted. Optimization of environmental parameters for Nannochloropsis salina growth and lipid accumulation using the Response Surface Method and effects on invading organisms. Algal Research. 

2. ML Bartley, WJ Boeing, FO Holguin, T Schaub. 2013. pH effects on growth and lipid accumulation of the biofuel microalgae Nannochloropsis salina and invading organisms. Journal of Applied Phycology. [link]

1. ML Bartley, WJ Boeing, AA Corcoran, FO Holguin, T Schaub. 2013 Effects of salinity on growth and lipid accumulation of biofuel microalga Nannochloropsis salina and invading organisms. Biomass and Bioenergy. [link] [PDF]


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